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Feet to yards formula

To convert feet (ft) to yards (yd), you can use the following conversion formula:

Yards = Feet ÷ 3

In this formula, the number of feet is divided by the conversion factor divided to obtain the equivalent length in yards.

How many yards in a foot?

There are 3 yards in a foot. In other words, 1 foot is equal to 3 yards (1 ft = 3 yd).

Feet to yards conversion table

1 ft0.333333 yd
10 ft3.333333 yd
25 ft8.333333 yd
50 ft16.666666 yd
75 ft25 yd
100 ft33.333333 yd
200 ft66.666666 yd
300 ft100 yd
400 ft133.333333 yd
500 ft166.666666 yd
600 ft200 yd
700 ft233.333333 yd
800 ft266.666666 yd
900 ft300 yd
1000 ft333.333333 yd
2000 ft666.666666 yd
3000 ft1000 yd
4000 ft1333.333333 yd
5000 ft1666.666666 yd
6000 ft2000 yd
7000 ft2333.333333 yd
8000 ft2666.666666 yd
9000 ft3000 yd
10000 ft3333.333333 yd

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